What to expect during your assisted stretching session

assisted stretching session at stretchplex

This is what you can expect at your assisted Stretching session:

Your assisted stretching session is all about you!

You are always attended to by the same body coach throughout your service. 

You lie down on a comfortable table that has been prepared for you with optional moist heat to prepare your body for stretching. This creates a warm, comfortable, and soothing environment that allows your muscles to relax as you are being stretched.

The lights are not too bright; the music is soft and calming; and the atmosphere is peaceful but upbeat.  It is the optimum balance between a clinical-type of experience and an over-the-top luxury spa.

Your body coach is actively listening to you about which areas or muscles need the most attention.

Your session is custom made to your preferences—it can be as gentle or as strong as you wish, and we will concentrate on the areas that YOU want stretched.

Take as long as you want, and feel instantly better.

This is why our body coaches are perfect for YOU:

Each body coach has advanced schooling in movement science, as well as certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and supplemental one on one training here at STRETCHPLEX.  Some Body Coaches are additionally Certified in Personal Training and/or Massage Therapy.

Come in today and discover how good it feels to be stretched by an expert!

We guarantee that you will love it and you will feel better after your first session—or the next one is on us!