Stretchplex is
assisted stretching, personal training, and fitness, all in one!

Are you stiff, sore or achy? Do you want to start exercising but aren't sure how? Is a lack of physical ability keeping your from activities that you love doing? If so, StretchPlex is your solution!

We created StretchPlex to empower individuals like you to unlock your peak physical potential. With our comprehensive range of services, including assisted stretching, therapeutic massage, personal training, and compression therapy, we facilitate faster, safer, and more effective progress toward your goals. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is committed to ensuring you receive the ultimate experience, motivating you to stay consistent and attain your optimal results!

And we know that you are going to love your session, so if you don't feel great after your first session, your next one is free - guaranteed!


Read what other people just like you have said about how they got helped and started feeling better.

Turner TowandaTurner Towanda
20:23 21 Mar 23
I have been going for assisted stretching for about 2 months now. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Victoria at the front desk was so kind. Maureen my coach, is amazing. Each visit I leave feeling a lot less stressed and a whole lot more flexible and wanting to move more. I had a right femur replaced with rod and screws last year and I’m still healing. To anyone who is feeling trapped in their own body and full of pain, been in traditional therapy, and still need that extra push, this works wonders. It’s the best thing I have done for myself since the surgery and it feels great!!
Zarine BhedwarZarine Bhedwar
21:03 19 Jan 23
I recently started Assisted Stretching as I have felt quite stiff following knee replacement surgery. Emily has been helping me to become more flexible and, although I have had only two sessions, I feel that my muscles are getting looser. She listens to my feedback and helps me where I need it. To help me rehabilitate completely, I plan to complete my sessions and then follow up with personal training with Emily to get back into shape. Thank you, Emily.
Faith GrahamFaith Graham
14:33 17 Sep 22
My son started with Mary a couple of weeks ago for compression therapy. After talking with her about his needs she recommended assisted stretching for him. He says he feels more loose while playing football and he enjoys chatting with her. Would 100% recommend!
Diane DiNorsciaDiane DiNorscia
19:47 12 Sep 22
OMG you will definitely feel a big difference after one assisted stretch visit! I have been feeling tight and stiff for quite some time. I can now get out of the car after an extended trip without feeling stiff! The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Maureen explains everything in detail and makes sure the client knows to advise of their limits. I find it very relaxing.
Angela OShaughnessyAngela OShaughnessy
23:42 01 Jul 22
I was a couch potato until I had health issues that prompted me to make changes. I have been working with Mary for about a year now. She is great at knowing when to push a little, and when to back off a little. Mary has tailored a program to help me improve my health and my strength, and is always mindful of my needs. She is always ready with an encouraging word. In addition to being my personal trainer, Mary does assisted stretching with me on a regular basis. This has helped me so much! It cuts down on my level of achiness and helps me maintain flexibility. I highly recommend Mary's services.


Assisted stretching, often referred to as partner stretching or facilitated stretching, is a technique where a trained professional or a partner helps you achieve a deeper stretch by providing gentle assistance. At StretchPlex, our experts ensure a personalized and effective approach to enhance your flexibility and overall well-being.

Assisted stretching works by combining the expertise of a trained Body Coach with your body’s natural range of motion. At StretchPlex, our Body Coaches guide you through targeted stretches, helping you reach new levels of flexibility safely and comfortably.

Absolutely! Assisted stretching at StretchPlex is designed to improve flexibility by safely elongating muscles and enhancing joint mobility. Our tailored sessions aim to unlock your body’s full potential, promoting flexibility that goes beyond what you can achieve on your own.

The benefits of assisted stretching at StretchPlex are numerous, including increased flexibility, improved posture, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced overall mobility. Our approach not only nurtures physical well-being but also contributes to mental relaxation and stress relief.

Yes, everyone can benefit from assisted stretching at StretchPlex! Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to improve daily movement, our customized stretching sessions cater to individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds. ALmost everyone feels better after getting stretched!  It is like Yoga, but done for you!*

Absolutely! StretchPlex employs a variety of assisted stretching techniques tailored to your unique needs. From PNF stretching to static and dynamic stretches, our experts choose the right method to optimize your stretching experience. We use whatever technique works with your body

The frequency of assisted stretching at StretchPlex depends on individual goals and preferences. Our Body Coach specialists can recommend a personalized schedule, but generally, incorporating assisted stretching 2-3 times a week can yield noticeable improvements in flexibility and overall well-being.

While regular stretching involves individual efforts, assisted stretching at StretchPlex includes the guidance and support of a trained professional. This personalized assistance allows for a deeper and more targeted stretch, maximizing the benefits for your body.

Assisted stretching at StretchPlex is generally safe, but it’s essential to communicate any health concerns with our experts. We tailor our sessions to accommodate various needs and work within individual limits to ensure a safe and effective stretching experience. If we think you need the help of a physical therapist or medical doctor, we will not hesitate to make that referral for you.  We know the best in the area!

While some stretches can be performed at home, the personalized guidance and expertise provided by a professional at StretchPlex ensure a safe and effective experience. Our specialists create a customized plan to address your specific goals and needs. Sure, you can stretch yourself, but it’s sort of like tickling yourself–it feels different when someone else does it for you!

At StretchPlex, we prioritize your safety. Our specialists are trained to adapt assisted stretching techniques to accommodate injuries or medical conditions. It’s crucial to inform our team about any concerns, allowing us to create a tailored and safe stretching plan for you. We know when to go easy, or even avoid an area of concern.

Wear comfortable, flexible clothing to assist in a smooth stretching experience at StretchPlex. Opt for attire that allows our specialists easy access to the areas being stretched, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness during your session. We accept all shapes, sizes, and abilities!

The time it takes to see results from assisted stretching at StretchPlex varies based on individual factors. Many clients report feeling more flexible and experiencing improved mobility after just a few sessions. Consistency is key, and our specialists work with you to achieve and maintain your desired results.

Absolutely! StretchPlex designs tailored sessions that address specific muscle groups based on your needs. Whether you’re focusing on the lower back, shoulders, or legs, our specialists guide you through targeted stretches to address specific areas of concern.

Our StretchPlex practitioners are highly trained and certified professionals with expertise in assisted stretching techniques. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands with our team, ensuring a safe and effective stretching experience tailored to your unique requirements. Our body coaches have a degree in movement science, are certified in stretching by the NAtional Academy of Sports MEdicine, and are rigorously tested and trained in house as well